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Kiangoi wins the International Taste Award

Kiangoi Coffee Factory recently won the International Taste Award competition held in Rwanda. The event that was attended by all African coffee producing nations saw Rung’eto’s Kiangoi scoop the coveted award.


Kiangoi s located on the slopes of Mount Kenya and together with the neighboring region
Nyeri it’s known for coffees with most intense, complex, and flavor-dense cup profiles world wide. It is made
up of mainly smallholder farms, each with some 100 trees. The farmers are organized in Cooperative Societies
that acts as umbrella organizations for the Factories (wetmills), where the smallholders deliver their coffee
cherries for processing.

Kirinyaga has a mix of smallholders and block holders with small to medium farms. The ones that don’t have
their own processing equipment delivers cherries to their local Cooperative. Most coffees are grown under
shade from Gravelia and Muringa Alloevella trees. Many of the farmers are surrounded by several wetmills.
They are free to choose where they want to deliver their cherries as members. Due to the traditional auction
system in Kenya, quality is rewarded with higher prices. The better factories will then attract more farmers by
producing coffee getting the highest prices, as well as giving high payback rate to the farmers. This can in some
cases be about 90% of the sales price after cost of marketing and preparation is deducted.

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